So! Here it is!!! Here’s how Harriet’s of Hove will roll until we are either told by the Government to close, or people stop shopping. We’re gritting our teeth and making big changes to our service to keep YOU, our STAFF and the BUSINESS safe.

➡️ One customer served at a time.
➡️ Service from the door only, please wait at door to be served.
➡️ If possible, write a list for a staff member to make your order up from.
➡️ Items for customers to be placed into basket by door for them to collect at end of transaction.
➡️ Paper bags from HoH to be used for dry food items.
➡️ Any customer bottles will be sanitised by staff before refilling.
➡️ Please take lids off bottles to make this process easier / quicker.
➡️ Card payments only. Staff to take card inside the shop and receipts given on return of card.
➡️ Strict 2m distance between customers and staff at all times.
➡️ Please respect 2m queue distancing.