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We might look like just another little shop on a small shopping street of Hove. But behind those doors is a huge amount of plastic-free and plant-based foods and homeware products just for you.

Bring your bags, boxes, pots, packets, bottles and jars. We’re a quirky refilling haven for you to enjoy at your own pace and contribute towards many great feels at the same time.

By shopping at Harriet’s of Hove you personally are making a statement with your money! You’re helping lower plastic and packaging waste, supporting the living wage employment of a growing team, contributing to the success of many small local suppliers and encouraging a more healthy and plant-based lifestyle for yourself and the planet.

Big love and credit to @amyverse for the beautiful illustration and @simonpepperphotography for the photographs of our store, Harriet’s of Hove, 48 Blatchington Road.

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